Major ISO Standards

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Steps to ISO Certification

ISO certification enables business efficiencies and cost reductions as a direct result of better process control, operations management, quality management, and issue resolution. Getting ISO certified consists of the following general steps:

1. Determination of which ISO standards are most applicable to your business.
2. Appointing a dedicated ISO team, representative or point of contact.
3. Preparing a training plan for management and all employees.
4. Producing an ISO process flowchart
5. Performing a Gap Analysis
6. Producing required documentation: manuals, policies, procedures
7. Training management and all employees
8. Producing work instructions and forms for recordkeeping
9. Appointing an internal audit team or auditor
10. Training the internal audit team or auditor
11. Completing an internal audit and producing Audit Report
12. Performing corrective actions as a result of Audit Report
13. Interviewing and selecting a Registrar for audit
14. Completing an external audit
15. Performing corrective actions as result of external audit
16. Receiving certificate and ISO accreditation

Section 806 of SOX extends its protection to any whistleblower who is an officer, employee, contractor, subcontractor, or agent of:

a publicly traded company

a subsidiary of a publicly traded company

a nationally recognized statistical ratings organizations (NRSROs)

Section 1107 of SOX makes it a crime for a person to knowingly retaliate against a whistleblower for disclosing truthful information to a law enforcement officer regarding an alleged federal offense.